April 28, 2016


Acrylic on Panel - 4 x 6 inches

The neon sign was so cool that they kept it even after the taco place changed to an asian fusion place. They still have one taco on the menu out of respect. I really loved the way it flooded the building with red hot light.

April 27, 2016

Parade Watch

Acrylic on Cardstock - 4 x 6 inches

This woman was watching the cherry blossom parade from her balcony, but she didn't seem very interested.

April 15, 2016

Coffe and Spoon

Acrylic on Panel - 6 x 6 inches

The title says it all. It was very challenging to get a wooden spoon on a wood coast to read as a separate object.

April 4, 2016

Fruit Trees (update)

Acrylic on Panel - 6 x 6 inches
Original sketch.

Time to Reflect

I haven't been painting a lot this year yet, because I've been drawing a lot and working on other design projects. And I've been observing and thinking, and a few things that I've learned in past workshops and books I've read have started to resonate and the concepts I'm learning in photography and design are having me look at my paintings (the ones that are still in my studio) with a new eye.

For example, I've always liked this little scene, because it reminds me of a happy place. But I think that since my mind memory fills in for where the painting fails, I was able to look at it objectively. 

Color and Value

So I put it against my checklist of what makes a painting work and how does one communicate what was intended and then made the necessary adjustments. No real changes to composition, but to color and value. Who was it that told me ages ago, that if you want something to look warmer, put some cooler colors nearby. Yeah, those kind of concepts are now resurfacing as I look at other painter's work and my own.