November 30, 2009


Acrylic on Cardstock - 4 x 6 inches    SOLD
Some trees on the side of the road near Novato, CA. I was trying to get that wispy late fall look, but it's more than a little challenging on such a small canvas and in the mad rush style I'm in.

November 27, 2009


Acrylic on Cardstock

This is a quick study in copying an image from a postcard for the Symphony (I think). I really just wanted to see how closely I could mimic the colors, as bold stripes. I got a little carried away and wound up adding more detail than I had meant to.

November 23, 2009

Acrylic on Canvas Panel

Thought I'd see about updating another old painting to see where I could take it. I realize that it is more common than not to go back to a painting again and again, but this is a new phenomenon for me. I usually try to get it all in one go, rarely returning to add or edit anything. The funny thing is I will critique and criticize my finished pieces, I just rarely ever feel like fixing them.

The second piece here is the update. Bluer shadows, calmer sky. The photograph isn't that good. (The darks aren't really that solid and filled in the way they appear here).

November 20, 2009

Two Missions

Acrylic on Canvas Panel

I stumbled on this panel, that I'd painted about a year ago. I couldn't help but notice that it looked quite washed out, and there weren't any real dark darks. So, I thought I'd just paint over the piece and see if it would be improved by beefing up the contrast.

I don't know that it wound up any "better", but I do like the increased contrast and the better definition of cool shadows. I might try this with a few other close failures from last year. Should be interesting.

November 19, 2009


Acrylic on Cardstock

A timed sketch (5 mins) of a bicycle bell.

November 12, 2009

Palm View

Acrylic on Cardstock

A quick sketch of a scene I photographed today while walking. For once I got a palm tree that doesn't look like a cartoon.

November 10, 2009


Acrylic on Canvas Paper

This month's Different Strokes assignment. Go have a look and you can see what the original image is and how everyone else is interpreting it. I decided to go with fast and loose. Surprise.

November 9, 2009

Twins III

Acrylic on Cardstock - 4 x 6 inches    SOLD
This one I did with the stopwatch. I didn't actually remember to look at the stopwatch, but I think it was about 5 minutes. I was really just trying to push more colors in and got some of the reds, but still couldn't get those blues and greens in.

November 7, 2009

Twins II

Acrylic on Cardstock - 4 x 4 inches    SOLD
Well the last post turned out to be a stumper for a lot of folks. I showed it to my manager and she said "it's nice, but what is it?" Then my painter father said the same thing!
After painting a subject, I know well what it is, no matter how abstract I render it, but it always amazes me how others see it. I simply love this phenomenom! No wonder we ask "how do I know what you see as blue is the same thing I see?"
Well, I'm posting one more next and would love to hear if anyone knows what they think the subject is. Hint: there's a clue in the title.

November 5, 2009


Acrylic on Cardstock - 4 x 6 inches   SOLD
Quick study with a limited palette.
Actually, the palette I set up wasn't all that limited, just the colors I chose to mix.
I really did try to use blues and greens in the cooler shadow areas and get some more fiery crimsons in places. It's just that I mixed so much yellow with them that I didn't really get that much variety.

November 4, 2009


Acrylic on Cardstock

Just a little reworking on this abstract.

It's a little spooky.