November 20, 2009

Two Missions

Acrylic on Canvas Panel

I stumbled on this panel, that I'd painted about a year ago. I couldn't help but notice that it looked quite washed out, and there weren't any real dark darks. So, I thought I'd just paint over the piece and see if it would be improved by beefing up the contrast.

I don't know that it wound up any "better", but I do like the increased contrast and the better definition of cool shadows. I might try this with a few other close failures from last year. Should be interesting.


Sheila said...

Yes! It was nice before and now it's gorgeous. I really like the way the palm tree pops now too. Don't see them as failures, rather more like roughs or a beginning platform for your advancing levels of painting!

Gwen Bell said...

So glad you didn't paint over the piece! It has such good lines. The palm trees pull it all together. I think it's a fantastic job.

Note to self...never throw away reject paintings. Just rework them!