September 1, 2008

Not Her Barn

Acrylic on Canvas Board

Ah, the first of (hopefully) many sabbaticals to Sonoma to paint with my father. He'd painted a nice red barn as seen from the road a while back. The landowner had admired it, but commented that everyone painted "that" barn (her barn), and he'd like to commission a painting of "his" barn. I tagged along to watch the maestro at work and tried my hand at it. 

The shadows were great and deep cherry red/blue/purple and patterned all over the barn, but by the time I was wrapping up, they had vanished. I should have just kept them in "from memory" but I haven't got that kind of eye, yet.

The owner gave me a nod, but needless to say, did not offer to buy mine as well. Not even a two for one deal. Just as well.

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