August 5, 2009

Panhandle Promenade

Acrylic on Canvas Panel

I've been neglecting the blog lately. Not that I haven't been painting, but I was away from my desk. As the 1st year of doing a daily painting blog winds down, I'm thinking of trying my hand at some more involved pieces. You know, the ones that take longer than an hour or two. As a result, I may be posting less frequently, or perhaps posting various stages of works in progress.

This is a bigger, more detailed version of the Panhandle photo I did a sketch of the other day. It's OK, but just kinda blah.

I'm not getting the exciting colors in the costume to "pop" and I think it's not only my poor color mixing skills, but also the choice of red I've started with – Alizarin Crimson. I may dig up some other reds and come back to this shortly.

1 comment:

Chartan said...

i feel like darker dark, lighter lights, in non complementary colors would liven it up, because everything else is fine...