February 16, 2010


Acrylic on Canvas Panel - 8 x 8 inches

Here's a sketch I did while visiting another artists studio in Sonoma. We set up a simple still life with fresh flowers and started the clock. I think I must be finally adjusting to larger canvases because this one felt too small while I was working on it.

Oil on Canvas Panel - 10 x 10 inches

This is the resident artists' work in progress. I couldn't tell if he was done or if it was the important phone call that ended this one.


Avocaken said...

Hi Mr G. I like your still life very much - good job on the flowers, the vase and the little pitcher. Lots of hard and soft edges.

Ken B.

Gringo Zero said...

Soft edges are a big challenge for me, among other things. I've been using more acrylic glazing liquid mixed with the paint to keep things fluid.


Dana Chabino said...

I agree. Great job on the flowers!


Irina said...

I arrived here from Ken's blog link: http://avocaken.blogspot.com/ and decided to stay for long :-). Your paintings are very powerful and special, I will follow the blog with pleasure. Good luck!