March 15, 2010

Kaia Larger II

Acrylic on Canvas Panel

Some have been clamoring to see some works in progress, probably for the enjoyment of watching me struggle, and this seems to fit well with one of my new goals, to work on longer, un-timed pieces.

I'm revisiting a piece I was not entirely happy with, Kaia at the Beach, from last August. You can see the old one at this link.

The water was too dark, there was no warmth in the skin tones, and the form looked rather flat. So here I've begun to address some of these issues. I kinda ran out of steam when it came to dealing with the face. More solutions to follow in that regard.


Irina said...

This painting is full with sun. The girl is live and moving. The colors are harmonous. This painting is so strong and individual.
Why do you always so critical to your art? Can you give a link to your painting which satisfied your sense of perfectness?
I strongly believe and have a lot of proofs that any painting always shows the inner being of the author. And I see here that you are so nice person, plus talented one. But why so much critique?
Well, I hope the comment will be published after owner's approval, I am too emotional here:-))) Please post more, it it real pleasure to see your works.

Chartan said...

WOW! the previous piece was just an underpainting I guess. You've really made it come alive.

I am constantly amazed by the way your acrylic paintings look like oils to me. The goal for me is to paint like you just the tiniest bit.....

Gringo Zero said...

I tend to be very critical of my work because that's pretty much how I've learned everything so far. I've also set a pretty high bar as to what I'd like to achieve, so I'm not easy satisfied with "nice".

Of course, all of this is subjective. Some of my favorites don't even get as much as a "hmm" when I show 'em to folks.

Like the "Glass Palm" I did last August:

This is one of my all time faves, but I have yet to find anyone who agrees. Ha!

I appreciate all your kind words, but I will continue to flex my critical eye as I continue to learn this process.

Chartan said...

isn't that strange? i had never seen it, i wasn't following you at that time... i'm looking at it now.. it's more abstract than a lot of your non abstracted pieces, i would enjoy hearing exactly what about it appeals to you so much. if you would care to elaborate?

the looseness? the palate? the freedom you felt as you hurried?

Irina said...

That means you are pointed to the result. And here we have misunderstanding. I love drawing/painting as a process. And when the result turns OK, it surprises me and feels good.
Well, I'll stop bla-bla-bla now and sit and watch your works with pleasure.