July 7, 2010

Wedding Party

Acrylic on Canvas Paper - 12 x 12 inches

This month's location for the Virtual Paintout is Hong Kong. I gave the roulette wheel a spin and immediately landed on this spot. Not the quaint seaside landscape I had hoped for, but I took it as a sign, as a challenge. It just seemed like one of those artifacts of the modern world, like the Google Map image captures of people breaking into their own homes or sunbathing topless etc. It also reminds me of Scorsese movies for some reason I can't explain.

I know I said I was fed up with the moisture sucking properties of canvas paper, but I had a nice square sitting here, and I thought if I coated it first, added lots of medium to the paints and put it on thick it would be OK. It wasn't. Canvas paper is just no good.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you about canvas paper. It is unworthy. However, you seem to have coped rather well here. Nice fluid painterly strokes, great composition, and I love all the black&white&gray with just little dashes of color.

I admit, this does look like a wedding party, but I seem to recall hearing somewhere that Chinese wear red to weddings and white is for...funerals. Wonder if that's why this scene feels a bit like a Scorsese flic? ;-)

Denny said...

it's loose, free, painterly ...you said what you had to say and kept it simple...nice.

Chartan said...

I thought it was a great departure from the other HongKong pictures