August 26, 2010

Cowboys 4

Acrylic on Canvas

I thought I'd give this another go. I've been reading a lot of back issues of the various art magazines I subscribe to, and my head in now full of more guidance than I can possibly put into practice in any short manner. However, it is helping me pinpoint the things that annoy me about my failures (and it's good to have failures – and insights).

This is starting to look less like a cartoon, and more like a painting. I consider that a good thing, for what that's worth. It's still far from what I was hoping for, but I am discovering why, which is actually a lot of fun. Did I mention that painting was fun before? I sure hope so.


Ruth said...

I really like this painting. First of all the lights and darks are perfect. The poses are intriguing. Like that you have them overlapping. Compositionally, I think you have done a super job. Think you have a winner here just as is. Really really good and gets better the more one looks at it.

Ruth said...

I see why the left side would bug you now that you mention it. Totally missed that because I was enjoying the men. w/their shading & stances. My suggestion: don't crop; you need that space, I think, to imagine what the man looking that way sees. Another person would be too much, imo. So I suggest just carrying the darker tone of those two colors all the way to edge thus getting rid of light tone on edge of painting.