September 7, 2010

NYC September

Acrylic on Panel - 12 x 10 inches

This is for the September Virtual Paintout, on a little known island on the east coast. More precisely, it's Central Park South looking East. Be sure to check out the other submissions. There's some great ones, and they'll be posting all month. Here's the Google Map link, if you want to see the location.

I decided it was finally time to try the new Golden Open Acrylics, and I have a sample set of basic colors and white, plus some of the Open Thinner. These are supposed to behave more like oil paint (something I know nothing about) and they definitely stay wet a lot longer. Everything was still wet and malleable when I wrapped this up in two hours. In fact, the painting was still a little tacky this morning.

I can't say I love them right off the bat, but I think it's just getting used to something different than the fast drying acrylics I've been using. I feel like I'd really like something in between. Maybe I'll try mixing with both sets of paint. The only thing that really bugged me was that the colors I got are fairly transparent, so it was hard to get the kind of solid strokes I'm used to. More experimentation is definitely in order.


Linda Popple said...

I really like this! Just fantastic!

Good luck with your experinces with the new paints. It's fun to challenge yourself and try new things.

Erik said...

Lovely loose style. I've tried the Open acrylics as well in the past and haven't used them a lot for the transparency problem. They are great as a finishing tool over an underpainting of quickdrying acrylics but for alla prima paintings they are just too transparent for me.

Ruth said...

Going from the fast-drying acrylics to those that act like oils will definitely take some getting used to, but we all make those adjustments in due time whenever we try something new. There is always that which we like and that which we dislike in each.
Time and use overcomes. This painting is interesting. Love the row of trees that lead ones eye "downtown". Great perspective and good colors. Neat painting!

Marla said...

Gorgeous! Now I'm thinking about acrylics. I use oil, and find it very difficult - but I don't expect painting to be easy so I haven't ever wondered whether it's TOO difficult :) Maybe I should try my luck with acrylics.