July 19, 2011

Madrone Jazz II

Acrylic on Canvas Panel - 8 x 10 inches -   SOLD

This is a two-parter for the Daily Paintworks challenge. This week's theme is "The Color Of Music" where one is supposed to interpret a piece of music through use of pigment and rhythm of brush strokes.

Well, I did two. This one is the first, which is another view of the band I painted a while back. They were playing a smokin' hot version of E.S.P. from Miles Davis' album of the same name. I put that album on while painting this, natch.

I was gonna try the Andy Warhol thing of playing just one song over and over again, but I was not alone and figured no one else would find the experiment that interesting.


Marla said...

Too funny about playing the same song over and over - glad I'm not married to you!

This is a great painting, I love seeing the very different things you try all the time. It reminds me that it's good to get out of one's groove and into another, occasionally.

Gringo Zero said...

Could be I just haven't found my groove yet. I'll get there.