January 17, 2012

Tangerine Tango – Bonus Post

Acrylic on Panel - Dimensions to be determined

This is a sketch for a larger installation I'm planning for some large and important museum. I tried not to over think the piece. In fact I tried to not use any part of my brain other than the parts that regulate breathing and basic motor skills.

For the benefit of the museum director, and the public at large, I will write up some heavy treatise on what this piece means and it's significance in the history of modern art. Then again, I may just "borrow" a treatise from some other catalog, or clip something out of Art News.

This is how I'm imaging the final piece, though I may make it a bit larger if I get more funding than I'm counting on. I'm hoping this show is a hit, because I think I could bash out a hundred or so of these a week, in different colors too. Then I can finally retire and quit all this struggling.

Oh, and be sure to tell me if someone's already done something like this. I can just "borrow" their statement.

(by now you've hopefully guessed that my only new year's resolution was to celebrate April Fools day on January 17th this year. If you still don't think this is a joke, you can contribute any amount to my paypal account).

1 comment:

Marla said...

Damn you totally fooled me. I was going to congratulate you.

I like the photo of the museum visitors pensively gazing at your artwork. I think I'll put mine in that format when I try to sell them on Etsy. Right now I just put them in a virtual frame (which people always try to buy...)