March 8, 2012

Grey Horse

Acrylic on Panel - 7 x 5 inches - Click Here to Bid

This is my submission for this week's Daily Paintworks Challenge – Horsing Around. I altered the composition a bit (intentionally), and apparently the anatomy too (unintentionally).

I'm experimenting with brushes. I did the whole thing with a #16 Flat synthetic brush (about half an inch wide). I thought the natural brushes I was using before held too much paint, so I'd try a synthetic brush. Turns out this one doesn't hold nearly enough paint.  Classic Goldilocks syndrome.

So, not only am I not mixing enough paint, and applying it stingily, but my brush is making it even thinner. Just think of all the paint I'm saving! (ahem).

I think I'll move back to the natural brushes for now.


Chartan said...

that's a great mule :D

Gringo Zero said...

Yeah, he did get kinda short. Ahem.

Chartan said...

and the ears are kinda tall :D

Gringo Zero said...

And he was as stubborn as heck.