July 14, 2012

Lunchtime "A Moment's Rest"

Acrylic on Panel - 9 x 12 inches - Sold

This weeks submission for the Daily Paintworks "Paint Your Muse" Challenge.  You can read all about the theme there, but in selecting and painting this, I realized, though I love the great outdoors, it's the juxtaposition of man made elements in nature that really get me.

The scene can therefore be seen as a muse of sorts, and more than just "man with nature", for me it has the personal as well. Lunchtime, teatime, at your parents house, is that moment when you all take a break from the days tasks and sit for a bit, together. Never long enough, but always welcome.

This is the seating spot just outside my mother's kitchen. We don't eat here often, but it's always relaxing when we do. So close to the house, and yet your mind can wander, over the field of straw, past the trees, and the creek beyond. Ah.


rick said...

I absolutely love this one.

Marla said...

This turned out really well! I love the turquoise shadow tying the table/chairs to the house. It's just as you describe it in words - close to the house but also part of the field and trees.