August 15, 2012


Acrylic on Panel - 7 x 5 inches - Click Here to Bid

Used to be an OK place to do laundry. Now it's a great place to eat. Yes, Nopa, named for the "North of Panhandle" neighborhood, which it isn't really in, though it is technically North of the Panhandle but it was launched before people started calling the neighborhood DivCo, which I really hope doesn't catch on, but...

Any way, it's a view of Nopa with the Hayes Street Hill climbing up on the left, and Divisadero Street in front, thus qualifying for this weeks Daily Paintworks Challenge: The Street View.

I've done lots of SF street scenes, but this one was next in the queue. It's the only are in which I'm out-doing Carol, just in the sheer number of SF paintings I've done, but then I live in SF, so no surprise there. And hers are still far superior.

I might do a larger version of this just to see if I can add a tad more detail, without completely abandoning the looseness.


Gina Brown said...

I love the looseness and the fresh brushwork quality to this painting :)

Michael Chamberlain said...

Great painting! I used to do my laundry there back in the nineties. I lived a few doors up Hayes towards Alamo Square. I've eaten at Nopalito but haven't tried Nopa yet. I love the sketchy quality you've achieved on this one, very nice!!