January 18, 2013

That Purple House

Acrylic on Panel - 8 x 10 inches Donated

It's been as close to freezing the past two weeks. Wearing sweaters and coats inside the apartment kind of weather. Today, it broke 60 and felt like Spring. I just had to go paint outside. In January! With no jacket either.

Just down the street is this little purple building that always pops out at me. I had to work fast because you could see the shadow of the building behind me creeping up.

Despite the sudden stage fright, (it's been a while) no one wanted to have a peek or offer any advice. See, there was nothing to worry about.

I wasn't too thrilled with the results when I got home, but now that I look at it, it doesn't really bother me much.

1 comment:

Marla said...

"It doesn't really bother me much" is about the most I hope for when I paint :-)

This painting has a lot going for it, particularly the awesome colors.

I've got a couple good photos of buildings in Durham that I keep planning to paint. One of the shots is very similar to this, but the little building is red, not purple. I haven't yet figured out how to crop the scene; I like the way you handled this one.