January 9, 2014

After the Last Swim

Acrylic on Panel - 11 x 14 inches - NFS

This weeks them for the Daily Paintworks Challenge is Summer in Winter. With over 50 submissions already, I guess a lot of people are looking forward to warmer weather. Kind of amusing for me because we've been having weather this past few weeks that's better than what we get in June a lot of years.

This scene is a photo I shot last Summer and depicts that part of the day some lucky people get to enjoy. After the last swim of the day, on a long and hot day, to get ready for dinner by taking a break and having a glass of wine and just looking at the garden. Here's to the day's getting longer!

1 comment:

Gevin Shaw said...

The only thing missing is the futzing. Picking a leaf off the pool; pulling that one fading blossom. But you can see that's what they're thinking about.