March 17, 2014

Alamo Hill

Acrylic on Panel - 9 x 12 inches - Click Here to Bid

Going through some uncharacteristic views of Alamo Square Park,  because it's right nearby and it was one of the first places in SF that made me really glad I moved here, all those many years ago. Again, sticking with the Zorn palette of black, white, red and yellow. Any blue you might see is an illusion.

I love how in SF you can do a vertical street scene and the sidewalk can go the height of the piece in just one block!

Sorry, not for sale at this time. I've got a show coming up and I think it's going to be focused around Alamo Square. Updates to follow.


Anonymous said...

This is reminding me of Diebenkorn similar to

Gringo Zero said...

Yeah, SF reminds me of him on a regular basis.

Michael David said...

I was going to say Deibenkorn as well

Gevin Shaw said...

Maybe you'll be ready for the Alamo Square Flea Market in August?