August 29, 2014

Orange Forklift

Acrylic on Panel - 6 x 6 inches - Click Here to Bid

A painter I took a workshop with told the story of painting a cow looking at him over the fence at a farm. He was painting this for a plein air shootout contest. After a little while the cow wandered off and he wondered how he was ever gonna finish the piece. Just short of the closing bell, he was considering whipping the main figure out, when he looked up and saw that the same cow had returned to look at him. He quickly sketched in the rest of the figure and turned in his piece. Did he win? I can't remember.

In any case, this is pretty much what happened to me with this forklift. The sky was still purple in the early morning, and the building were starting to glow white/yellow and the bright little orange forklift was just sitting there. A voice in my head said "you'll never be so lucky", and sure enough after about half an hour someone came and drove it away.

And then just before I was going to pack up, it reappeared. 

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