August 11, 2015

Sonoma Coast Knife

Acrylic on Panel - 5x 7 inches

Donny Hahn is a California landscape painter I admire greatly, and I'm lucky enough to see him and his work at shows in Golden Gate Park.  From a distance I saw his paintings and immediately recognized them as his, but as I got closer, something was different. They were abstracts! He said he returns to abstract expressionism from time to time, but rarely exhibits the work. They were just as colorful as his landscape work, and seemed to be reworkings from the very same palette.

This inspired me to try something similar and I decided to try and create an alternate take of a painting I did a few weeks back. By using the knife only, I pre-mixed some of the major color areas and quickly slathered it on the panel. Much thicker than I usually paint.

If less is more, I think I have a ways to go. This seems too busy and overworked, so I may try again.

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David Bruce said...

No, no, gringo, you are wrong. I could spend hours here. I just love, love, love it