April 2, 2009

Red Bikini

Acrylic on Canvas Paper

For this week's Different Strokes challenge, the original photo is of a family at the beach. Too many humans for my liking, so I focused on one. Turns out so did almost everyone else.

The human form is a little more demanding than trees or barns. A disproportional tree still looks pretty much like a tree. This image is obviously a woman, but by getting just a few measurements wrong  I've made her shorter (or wider) than she actually is. I don't generally have this problem in drawing, but paint is still just a little more difficult for me to manipulate.

Uncharacteristically I did a bunch of quick studies for this, hoping one of them would be "the  one" but I didn't really like any of 'em, so I did this larger one instead. Maybe I'll post the studies tomorrow. Maybe. 


James Parker said...

Don't know how I missed visiting your blog with a name like that. I browsed around and really like the old barn and the mission veranda. Nice work. Stop by for a visit any time. Coffee's on.

dominique eichi said...

Hey Gringo, very nice form on her at least she not too slender .

r garriott said...

She's very believable; that's the important thing. There's all kinds of odd proportions out there. A fin job and I like the choppy gray waves, too.

L.Holm said...

I agree with R. Very well done, and solidly painted. I like the warmth you've added in the leg shadows, and the water is beautiful. I like the steely-grey waves, it really boosts the warm light on the skin.

Camille LaRue Olsen said...

I love this girl, and aren't you sly, making her topless :D Nobody's commenting on that I see, but then again, God created birthday suits, right?

She's beautiful and I just love your work and your comments about them.