September 30, 2009

Healdsburg Clock Tower

Acrylic on Panel

No, I never got around to putting the clock-face in. I didn't feel like the rest of it was going well enough to warrant one.

I'm discovering that by using a green I really like, right from the tube, that I'm not getting enough variety in my greens. This is a perfect example of that lazy behavior. I'm gonna try mixing my greens from scratch more often from now on. If I remember.


Sheila said...

LOL... Sometimes I imagine you mumbling to yourself about your painting rather than your audience. Instead of mixing, try starting with an underlayer of a complimentary or contrasting color and see what you think of letting a little broken color show through to see if you like that affect.

Ellen said...

Well I like it. But I have been told by several teachers "nothing straight from the tube". That just by adding a touch or two of another color to your favorite color will enrich it immensely. Of course you have to know what to add...that's the rub. And I agree with Sheila. A colored ground is amazingly helpful. Now if I'd just hear what I'm telling you.

Love your blog.

Megha Chhatbar said...

Wowww......I liked it too..The tree and the entrance is very nice..

Pencil Sketch: Rajasthani Man playing flute

Ellen said...

The paranoid in me has just surfaced!! I had this thought in my head that in my earlier comment I sounded like I was giving "know-it-all" advice. Nothing could be faryher from the truth. Just passing on something I had heard. I use colors straight from tubes, bottles, jars, pencils... anything. BTW I think Van Gogh did too. Maybe that teacher's advice was for the birds. Who knpws.