October 7, 2009

Red Barn Sketch

Acrylic on Canvas Panel

With 20 minutes left on the clock, I decided to try another composition. As a bonus, the sun had just come out, so I tried to get that contrast between what was in light and what was not. Having spent the whole morning painting in very flat light this was a little more fun. (oh, I'll be posting that one next).

And those "special effects" in the foreground came from packing it up before it was really dry enough, and having it stick to another board, and then separate badly. A rare experience when painting acrylic in Sonoma while it's still in the high 90's.


Sheila said...

Great barn... and if you hadn't had told us what happened, I would have thought the "sparkles" was a little camera glare.

Ellen said...

I love how the barn is alongside the viewer. It's almost always ahead and centered. This was a great idea. Good painting senor!