May 27, 2010

Factory II

Acrylic on Panel – 14 x 11 inches

I had originally done this as a postcard last year, so I thought I'd try it again, bigger. What's missing is the looseness of brush work, which is what I guess I really liked.

May try mixing up some puddles and setting the timer for 30 minutes and attacking this again soon.


Anonymous said...

Without a central focus or conceptual anchor in the content of the work, its all about the surface in a Greenbergian sort of way. This done intentionally can possibly result in art, even sometimes unintentionally.

However this tilted angle up front and the simple gemometric but uninteresting content work against each other leaving this viewer asking lots of questions instead of "feeling it". Can you say banal?

Why the angle? (a distinctly different reaction from the last pic with an angle in it) The eye wanders and finds no place to feast. You are a good enough physical technician now. Time to think about your subject harder. What is the conceptual content? Show us you are not an elephant.


Gringo Zero said...

Agreed. I do fine myself well into a piece before I ask "why this?"

The link to the elephant is great. Though I don't know why he doesn't pre-tone his boards, or at least get a little shade on the canvas.

Chartan said...

that elephant is a little harsh imo, i'm a factory junkie, so i like this simple blue, white, burnt sienna +, piece. maybe i'm the elephant?