September 30, 2011

Out Barn version

updated version
Acrylic on Panel - 7 x 11 inches  Ω

Another before/after. Not so wildly different this time, but I did want to try and warm things up. I thought I'd exaggerated it quite well, but now looking at the photo, it still looks kinda wintery. Hmmmm.

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Anonymous said...

Its like you applied an "unsharp mask" filter to your technique!

Perfect case study for your awareness of the brush before and after. The new version shows a realization of the bristles as a texturing tool while the former is focusing on other concerns.

Look at the shadowed foliage in the center foreground. In some ways the former is calmer and more self assured than the latter. But in the latter your command of details is so much more developed.

I also prefer the cooler, more lush palette of the former while the desaturated palette of the latter makes the scene look like desert, which may be more accurate, but less where I want my eye wandering.

Coyote loves you.