September 24, 2011

Page House Blues

Acrylic on Canvas - 18 x 24 inches -   SOLD

Found the original postcard I did for this piece and found I liked it better. Maybe it's the tone. That darkness that gives it a real mood. (enter "page house" in the search to find previous versions).

In any case I decided to try again, painting right on top of the old one. I also took out the second car. It just seemed unnecessary and constricting.


Marla said...

That is fabulous. I did search for previous versions and I like all of them, but this one is really cool. That little bit of warm color is essential, in the midst of all that coolness.

Are you finding a preference for acrylic over oil, or is it just how the mood takes you that day?

Marla said...

whoops, sorry, I realized you usually paint in acrylic. Must have you confused with another Gringo Zero :)