April 20, 2012

Grey Face

Acrylic on Panel - 4 x 6 inches - SOLD

Getting in this week's Up Close Animal Challenge, a whole day early! I generally don't look forward to animal portraits, but I did have this photo from my last trip to Sonoma, so I went for it. Not much to say other than the paint looks like frosting because I laid it on pretty thick, especially so considering the size of the piece. I did the whole thing with a #6 Filbert.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

ok if i can leave a comment that s fine. first i want to say that i love your "grey face" horse. i find that this technique of bold brushstrokes suits the subject. and 2 i liked the way you cropped up the DPW photo to leave a tiny rectangle full of ... nothing, except for a few shadows. i wish i had thought about this, it would have saved me a hard time painting an old car.
btw i discovered your second painting of the rectangle of pavement, very interesting. :)