May 13, 2012

Mobile Home

Acrylic on Panel - 9 x 12 inches - Sold

My dad set up near the river, but I could not paint that bridge, again, so I faced the street. There was this old mobile home travel camper thing that looked pretty immovable, so I included that in the view, mostly to break up the street, and because it was in the shadow of some trees.

As soon as I started, there was some activity around the street, with a man making several trips back and forth between a parked car and the camper, and then the gas station, on foot, with a gas container, then much priming of the engine and more gas trips, and revving the engine etc.

I quickly finished up the camper before he took off, but the man came up and had a look and said that he'd leave it for now and move it later. Actually, I was not only done with the camper, but the whole thing, by then.

Again, I feel like this wound up with a bit of a blue cast overall. 

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