May 5, 2012

The Old Bank

Acrylic on Panel - 8 x 10 inches - Sold

This is on the main drag through Geyserville. I believe the big red building used to be the bank, and I think it's the only two story building in town. There's some antique stores and a few galleries, one with the artist actively working, and in the bank building a nice italian restaurant called Diavolo.

I sat in the shade of the hardware store's awning. It was really hard to judge color well there, though, because there was so much glare from the street, and it was so dark under the awning. And everything seems to have taken on a blue cast. I think this one's ripe for a redo.


marla said...

There is something that doesn't seem quite right. With me, that usually means values are off. Or, everything else :)

That light-colored building in the center is just SO much lighter than anything else. Maybe that's it.

Gringo Zero said...

I agree. I think everything else is off. Ahem.

Actually, the sun-facing fronts of all those other building should be lighter and warmer for sure. Also the street and sidewalk shouldn't be as blue as a river.

I blame the heat, and the fact that I was thinking about Diavalo's pizza the whole time I was painting.

Thanks for having a peek.

rick said...

I love this one, John.