June 2, 2012

Polka Skirt

Acrylic on Panel - 5 x 7 inches - Click Here to Bid

Well, I thought if I kept the canvas small, I'd be forced to simplify, which was generally true. It's just so hard to make a face with only three brush strokes and be satisfied with it. I mean, it would be easier if it was just one face in the crowd, but when it's the subject of the painting, it's really hard to leave well enough alone.

I must have scrubbed this face out and started from scratch a dozen times. Each time I'd just cross that line of too much detail, and wound up making everything cartoonish or mask-like.

Well, as I've found with things on this scale, that just a few millimeters in one direction or the other can really distort proportions. Not so bad with trees, but terrible when painting humans. So, head too big, legs too short, and more plagued this piece. Other than that, I really like it. Ahem.

Just another rush job, with lots of poor judgements in order to submit to the latest Daily Paintworks Challenge - Polka Dots

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