June 21, 2012


Ink on Paper - 6 x 4 inches - Click Here to Bid

Starting to get caught up on the other non-creative nonsense around here and getting back to making art. And here's my submission for this weeks Daily Paintworks Challenge: The Insect Challenge. (in case you're not familiar, I chose as my subject the might stag beetle).

I'd bought a bunch of supplies to create some linoleum prints because this is something I've been itching to do. Naturally, I bought the wrong stuff. Well, wrong for the tools I had.

So, I simplified my design a bit, and just went for it. I tried printing with a thin layer of paint, but it was too hard to control, so I cleaned everything off and when with stamp-pad ink. Also, trying to transfer directly to card stock did not work, but paper did quite well.

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