April 17, 2014

New Mexico Highway

Pixels on iPad - 197 x 148 mm - NFS

I've been in bed with a nasty cold, so to cheer myself up I thought I'd do a Hockney style drawing on my iPad and make it an entry for the Daily Paintworks Bliss Challenge while I was at it. I always enjoy painting mountains and clouds (and we rarely get clouds in CA).

This is also a painting form memory, which is not something I think I've ever done before. I didn't even look at my reference photos. Just pure memories from my trip to NM last week.

Not for sale, because there's nothing there but pixels, and Mr. Hockney has yet to establish the market rate for such prints. Ahem.


Rick Forrestal said...

Love this piece.
Nicely done.

ellenboulangerart said...

I love this painting because of it's stark simplicity. The time lapse photos are great, too. Very Mesmerizing.

J.Farnsworth said...

Thanks all. I think the simplicity comes from the limits of my memory. Ha. But seriously, maybe it's easier to filter out the unnecessary when acting from memory instead of what's right in front of you.