July 5, 2014

Buena Vista

Acrylic on Panel - 9 x 12 inches - Click Here to Bid

My dad was in town and I was lucky enough to go paint with him. We went driving up around Buena Vista Park, and this house and majestic palm came into view and we both knew we'd found our subject.

The light can change so much when painting outdoors, and in SF that's even more so, because our weather changes every 20 minutes it seems. I did a quick sketch and then decided to paint the brightly lit faces of the building first, because that's what I was going to loose when the light changed or the fog came in. Which it did.

The geometry was a bit difficult, because we were perched below it, so I used the Digital Viewfinder to confirm I was getting the rake of the roof right.

When I brought it in, I touched up a few spots and added the middle window frames with a knife. Perhaps too many.

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