March 23, 2009

The Mission

Acrylic on Canvas Board

I'm doing a few more mission painting in preparation for a show. I know it's kinda premature to even be thinking about a show, but I think it would be a good experience to have one when I'm not even ready, just to get it over and done with and learn from the experience. It always worked when I was in bands.


Edward Burton said...

Beautiful job with Mission San Juan Bautista, Gringo!

silvi said...

Me gustó mucho este lienzo.
Adelante con el espectáculo,aunque sea prematuro.De las experiencias siempre se aprende.
Te dejo cariños y mi mejor sonrisa.Silvia.

PD.No entiendo nada de pintura,ni de juntas,ni postal,pero me gusta contemplar las creaciones de tu blog .

Anonymous said...