March 1, 2009

Wig Out

Acrylic on Canvas Paper

I couldn't wait to do another painting for the Different Strokes gang! I got the image from the DSFDF site and quickly whipped this up. For, again, I did this one upside down, just cropping in to a bunch of the mannequin heads to try and make things simpler. In hindsight I think I should have cropped in closer. In any case, go check out the other entries. There's quite a range of styles and interpretations. Really opened my eyes to seeing differently.


Angela Elledge said...

Hello Gringo - There is so much movement here; I really feel like I am quickly walking past a window and seeing this in a blur. Love, love, love the way you suggested their facial features and the sweep of the brushstrokes on their necks. Off to work, but I do want to come back and see your other paintings for a longer visit...great composition in the VW Bug.

gringo zero said...

Thanks for the praise. Definitely check back, as I'm trying to put up a new one every day this year.

Edward Burton said...

I'm in total agreement with Angela - very well done!