February 28, 2009

Banana Bug

Acrylic on Canvas Board - 8 x 10 inches SOLD

Don't know why I keep photographing cars and trucks, 'cause I'm no car 'n' truck dude, for sure. But when I see them just as big shiny reflective colorful objects, they somehow excite me. Maybe it's the contrast to the grey of the city. Maybe because they are objects with their own coat of paint. In either case, I'm sure I won't run out of willing subjects any time soon.


Edward Burton said...

Great job - dynamic composition.

Carol Horzempa said...

Very nice, you have some exciting and colorful brushstrokes going on there. I like how you handled the background and shadows on the left too.

Gwen Bell said...

Love it, Gringo! I like the way you kept your palette simple. Yellow is such a yummy color and seeing a broad canvas of it is delightful. The headlight and parking lights look like actual glass and metal. Perfect title too!

gringo zero said...

Too kind. Too kind.
(cheeks turning red).

thanks all,

r garriott said...

Wow! It's great! All curvy and bug eyed, as it should be.