February 19, 2009


Acrylic on Canvas Paper

Trying to get that Carol Marine magic happening, but I'm still using way too many brush strokes to get there. I can only think it's because I don't get the target colors mixed right before placing them. I also think I'm using terrible lighting on still life set-ups. I think I can see it clearly, but when I squint, it all goes very dark. I may need to build a light box set-up like CM uses, but I'm hesitant. It doesn't jibe with my plein air training — well, what little there is.

Oh, I'll get over it. Maybe.

This actually took two goes. After about an hour, I basically just scraped everything off, leaving a little bit of the basic shape and took a deep breath and then tackled it again. It seems sometimes you just have to get away from things. CM blogs a lot about doing this, especially after she's been absent from painting for more than a couple of days. I know understand that this is a vocabulary that, like a second language, gets rusty, very quickly with absence. I'm not even sure I even spelled "pomme" correctly!

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