February 14, 2009

Silver Bullet

Acrylic on Canvas Paper - 6 x 6 inches SOLD

A quick study of a photo I took in the parking lot during open studios last Spring. It's a trailer of sorts, but I don't know what kind/brand. Like a lot of painters, I like shiny things that reflect the sky. This also features some people – a subject I usually try to avoid – but their reflections were so important that I had to include them.

I went to an art exhibit last Summer in Sonoma, and just about everyone had a painting of one of these in their booth. Second most frequent was rusty orange tractors.


silvi said...

Hola !!!
No conozco mucho de arte,pero me detuve un instante en tu blog, y me llegaron mucho las obras.Vi calidez en la sencillez de las líneas.
Desde Córdoba(República Argentina),te envío cariños y una gran sonrisa.

gringo zero said...

My translator helped me with this.... Gracias por tus generosas palabras. Como decimos en Ingles " No se mucho de arte, pero se lo que me gusta." Sonrisas para ti tambien.