January 12, 2010

Communication Breakdown

It has been brought to my attention that I should really be posting my replies to comments within the comments section on the blog.

I've been replying to emails that notify me that a posting has been made and I think these replies just vanish in the ether.

I've been diligently replying to all comments, but it turns out a lot of you aren't getting the replies, so I'll be posting all comments on the blog directly from now on.

Let me know your thoughts on this, and I apologize if anyone feels like I've been ignoring your great input. I haven't.



Sheila said...

I've been getting my responses very promptly I might add.

I love this Big G! When I looked at the thumbnail, I thought I was looking at a Chuck Close but this is different and I can see a beautiful series.

I do want to ask for you to post the dimensions of your work so I can see what scale the piece is ....please.

Gringo Zero said...

I guess it's an optional setting, so some folks are getting replies and some are not. Hmmm.

This Chuck Close type image is just my regular icon put through some hoops in Photoshop. This is not an actual painting. Way to complicated for the gringo.

Putting dimensions is a great idea, so I will definitely try to remember that in newer posts. Thanks.

Chartan said...

dimensions would be great! I don't really expect replies. you are too busy making art imo. and Xbox i guess :D

Gringo Zero said...

Busy, yes. Too busy to post comments? No way.
Though that xBox is cutting into my sleeping hours.

L.Holm said...

I haven't been around in a while, so haven't commented in a while. I think it depends on whether we click send e-mail responses or not?
I love the abstract scene her. beautiful colors.
Happy New Year!

Joanne Hanson said...

I have been watching your postings on the Different Strokes blog and love your work. Glad to have found your blog. I will keep reading it!