January 2, 2010

Fish Head

Acrylic on Canvas Paper

I was pretty unhappy with the tones and values in the Fish Soup painting, so I thought I'd try a close-up on part of the image and see if I could do better. I'm really not liking this fish either.


Avocaken said...

Hi Gringo. Sorry, but I like BOTH fish paintings. I think that I like the second one better - the tofu confused me in the first painting. (It doesn't take much to confuse me)

Well done, keep up the good work. Any shows lately?

Ken B.

Chartan said...

if u want criticism (ha!) i feel like it doesn't have quite enough contrast, but other than that, it's a cute (ha!) fish :D

Camille LaRue Olsen said...

I like this one the best! Keep bein' Gringo. :)

Gringo Zero said...

Will do.

Thanks, g