June 22, 2010

Big Factory III

Acrylic on Canvas Panel - 11 x 14 inches

I had a bit of free time, and the palette was out already, so I decided to tackle this one, one more time. I liked the idea of seeing through the fence, so I added more of that sort of detail here, and corrected some of the poor geometry. It still doesn't have that fresh quality the tiny sketch had but it's a little better. Still not entirely sure why I'm bothering with this one, other than it's been lying around.


Chartan said...

I like it a lot. Robot factories are captivating with the essential colors :D

Avocaken said...

Maybe you're "bothering with it" because it's a really different subject, and it's interesting? AND it's looking good? :-) (Just a thought from an old guy)

Ken B.