June 28, 2010


Acrylic on Canvas - 20 x 24 inches (destroyed)
This is downtown SF, though I'm not sure of the exact block. I found this photo on my phone, and thought I'd try turning that tiny little reference photo into a BIG canvas.
I actually started this on top of a failed painting from last year. There was a lot of texture already there, which makes it a bit more of a challenge. Not sure how this will impact the finished painting when I'm done. I'm hoping to build on top of that with even more texture, but at this stage, it's just not there.
The building in the front/right is more brightly lit in the photo, and I like how that looked, so I'm gonna see if I can get that in, fix the sky and correct the scale of some of those people-looking shadows.
I love the taxi in the bottom/right. It's just a complete mess of paint, and yet says "taxi" loud and clear.

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