June 9, 2010

Lindsey Mae

Acrylic on Canvas - 8 x 16 inches sold

One of those lucky snapshots on my last trip to Florida, this is a shot of my buddy's daughter, trailing behind the group, dancing with her shadow.

In other news, the show up at Apollo is doing pretty well. One piece sold before I got it up, and another on the night of the show.

I also made a nice display of about 15 postcard paintings, mounted in those "show kits" with a beveled bit of matte board fitted over another 11 x 14 inch board and then put into a cellophane envelope. I think so many people are used to seeing prints displayed this way, I'm not sure many of 'em got that these were actual original paintings. Oh, well. I may try this again, some time.

1 comment:

Chartan said...

you have to print out a little explanation about the painting telling them it is an original, blah blah blah. it's a hassle imo, but necessary.

this is a nice whimsical little painting.