January 19, 2011

Go Giants

Acrylic on Canvas Panel - 9 x 12 inches Ω

Late evening series of poses with the same model as the afternoon. For some reason I wound up ignoring just about everything about Craig's technique and wound up reverting to my usual impressionist type method. I think I was just tired and rushing through.
Actually I started off using his method, but I think I grew impatient. Part of Craig's method is working up the large shadow areas and near-light areas and comparing them to each other and focusing on getting those relationships just right, saving details (you know, the fun stuff like eyes, buttons, highlights etc.) until the very end. It makes perfect sense, but it's really hard to resist.
You are meant to work quickly, but it's very methodical as each step leads to the next step. If you don't get step 2 right, you will fail at all subsequent steps. I rushed some early steps and the piece suffered from there on out.

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