January 16, 2011

Jane Blue

Acrylic on Canvas Panel Ω
I decided that it was too hard to paint the face with such a tiny brush on a small canvas, not to mention the whole figure, so I opted for just a headshot. Unfortunately I was so far from the model that I was essentially painting her head 4 or 5 times larger than what I was seeing – not ideal for the "sight method" I'm sure you've heard about.
In any case, after two or three sittings, I managed to render a very mask-like image (looking a little like a primitive Gaughin) though not intentionally. I just couldn't see how I'd got stuck there. Craig pointed out that I was still applying the paint with too firm a hand and that this left me with very hard edges, making it harder to create softer transitions as the planes connected to make a "round" face. Basically I was stilly drawing with the brush and not painting.
Not seeing the model as a reference here, it looks almost passable, and definitely improved after Craig's help, but it is a far cry from what I was trying to do. Frustrating to say the least, but I did feel that more and more I was not only grasping what he was talking about, but was beginning to actually incorporate that knowledge.

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