June 14, 2009

The Creamery 3

Acrylic on Panel

Well, a bunch of firsts for me. I never go back to a painting after the first sitting. I usually just move on and start anew. I also don't go back and do major color correction on an image.

However, in light of what I learned last weekend, I decided to go back over this image with some of my new warmer paints and and newly gained knowledge about color.

The last version was such a simple series of puzzle shapes that I thought it would be easy enough to just replace the major blocks of color and see how warming up the sunlit areas might change the overall impression.

Not a huge shift, but it did seem to create a better contrast to the cooler shadows. I also pushed the distant hills more to cooler, lighter tones, and warmed up the foreground and near hills.

As an aside, the reception at Apollo went exceedingly well last night. Lots of friends and family and even some of the public at large. Managed to sell a few more and kept the place open past closing. I think my "manager" may have worked out a deal for more of the same in December. 

Thanks to all who came and made it a special night.


Pam Holnback said...

I also need to make sure my shadows are warm. Thanks for the reminder!

gringo said...

Oh, I hope I wasn't misleading. Tim's suggestion for a sunny day was:

make every surface that is directly lit by the sun warm

areas not lit by the sun (which are theoretically illuminated by the reflection of the blue sky) cool

and your darkest darks will be areas not lit by any light source.

Hope that's clearer.