June 3, 2009

Late April Fools'

Fake Gallery Image

I've finally finished hanging the show at Apollo Coffee, and will get my daily painting back on track. In the meantime, I thought I'd share a humorous diversion.

No, this is not a shot from the show. It's a little online fakeroo, courtesy of Museumr, and I couldn't resist. Someday....

For those in the SF area, tomorrow is the June 4th First Thursday Divisadero Corridor Art Walk. It's not exactly monthly yet, but it is fun to go see. And I'm actually exhibiting at both ends of the art walk, though not officially on the map (talk to my agent).

1 comment:

Avocaken said...

Hey Gringo! Good luck with your show(s)!!!

Your "fakeroo" did the trick for me. I thought that I was looking at one of Jurick's paintings! UNTIL I read your post.

Won't being at both ends of an Art Walk be er...... awkward?

Best of luck and wishing you a LOT of success.

Ken B.