June 9, 2009

Pool Lounge

Oil Pastel on Paper

Back from a great workshop weekend with Tim Horn, and boy did I learn A LOT! Turns out I just didn't have enough warm colors in my palette, and warm California landscapes is what Tim is all about. I was pretty well used to the idea of painting cooler shadows, but I didn't realize that most of everything I've been painting up until now has been cool throughout. Kinda shocking really. 

Actually, a lot of the photos I've been painting from were taken during our gray winter days, and sometimes even grayer summer months. (When asked what he does when faced with a gray day, Tim said "I stay home"). But now a whole new world of color values and comparisons has been opened to me. I ran right out to Blick's and got loaded up on some warmer yellows and oranges. (No wonder I could never get those tangerines to look at all appetizing).

I think I may have learned more than others in the workshop, because I was continually failing. One of Tim's guidelines for the weekend was to not to try to bring home any finished pieces but to rather practice what he was explaining and create a bunch of studies. I think I managed quite successfully to not bring home ANY finished paintings at all! 

So keep an eye out for some new warmth around here, soon. I will post a few of the stinkers I did in Nicassio this weekend, and you'll be able to see what he was getting at. In the meantime, have a look at his site and see the great colors and warmth he achieves in his work. 

Here's a little sketch I did before the workshop. New works to follow ASAP.

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