June 26, 2009


Acrylic on Canvas Panel - 5 x 7 inches SOLD

Still working with that 3-color palette (and lovin' it), I'm trying to fit in some regular human figure paintings each week. Enough with the barns already.

This is a from a shot of a little girl I know (I think from her birthday party), though oddly enough it could easily be mistaken for a pic of one of my nieces. It's only 7x5 inches, and I kept to medium brushes, so there's not really enough detail to reflect any real distinguishing features. And that's what I had in mind all along. I'm just trying to reflect a simple gesture of a person.

And since it's in Golden Gate Park, I still get to include trees!

1 comment:

Gwen Bell said...

Lovely, Gringo. What I like about it is that there isn't a lot of detail. Suggestion is so much more interesting. Great light!