August 27, 2008

Empty Glass

Acrylic on Canvas.

I don't know why, but I love this type of drinking glass. Maybe it's the way they have round and square shapes, or all those planes and facets. This is a subject I sketch often, since there's usually a number of them scattered about the apartment.

More of a sketch than a painting, the background wash was applied with rags, and the rest applied with the palette knife. 

This is also the first piece I have framed. I found the frame at a garage sale, and it fit perfectly. Well, not in the traditional sense, but it was the same size as the canvas (i.e. the canvas didn't fit in the intended space, it just fit perfectly behind the frame, cropping out all the dead space I had anyway). 


Marque said...

Nice work. Interesting theme. Which reminds me, I've got to do the dishes.

missy said...

dude, if you're from CT, you're supposed to call it a tag sale, not a garage sale.